Webinar on:

How to create HR Manual & Employee Handbook

24-May-2023 | 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM IST

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Webinar Brief
What is the role of an HR Manual and an Employee Handbook in an organization? How different are they from each other? How do you frame/ reframe your HR policies and when? How can you use these to create a great place to work? How do you communicate your organization’s people philosophy and policies to your employees? What is the basic framework for an HR Manual and Employee Handbook? You will find answers to the above questions from the webinar.
Who Should Attend?
1. HR Professionals
2. Entrepreneurs
3. Business Heads
Why Should Attend?
1. Understand the significance of the HR Manual and Employee Handbook in an organization
2. Draw insights into designing and redesigning HR Policies
3. Be able to identify gaps in your current system
4. Create an effective framework to streamline your people processes and organization culture

Mrs. Vanisree Gopala Krishnan


Founder & CEO - Velgha Learning Solutions

HR Transformational Leader, L&D Specialist, Executive & Life Coach