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 Q-ETDS Audit Highlight

 Proactive Approach for 100% Accurate Transactional Data


Our Q-ETDS Filing Compliance Audit helps you to identify irregularities and incorrect data available on TRACES system based on  which the

Income Tax Department levies fines, penalties & interests. A thorough assessment is undertaken with the latest rules and  regulations as

applicable on the date of Audit and necessary corrections/revisions are done by us. By this audit, you are protected  against any problems

you  may face from the TDS Circle of the Income Tax Department.

1.       Data Gathering for 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ

2.       Data Mining as per the Compliance  Framework

3.       Audit by Qualified Tax Professional

4.       Preparation of Audit Report

Relativity's Time Tested & Proven Aduit Process

5.       Audit Report Presentation to client

6.       Correction Data from Client

7.       Necessary corrections on TIN-NSDL

8.       Re-assessment & Final Report

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